6 Essential Payment Strategies To Generate Traffic To Your Website.

6 Essential Payment Strategies To Generate Traffic To Your Website.

Here are the strategies that are paid. These are strategies used in SEM campaigns. I have tested them and they are each effective in their measure. What you have to try is to make a combination of several strategies to get great results. We must also take into account the actions of the SEO campaigns already mentioned in the previous post, if you want to see them click here .

Start using Google AdWords

With Google AdWords you can publish ads in the Google search engine, positioning your brand whenever your potential customers search for the products or services you offer. Because the ad is shown only to the users who demanded your products, this traffic is of high quality .

Post ads on Facebook Ads

As in the case of Google, Facebook ads allows you to post ads and segment them to a specific audience. You can decide the range you want for your advertising, age of the people, sex (man or woman), locations, tastes, to which they dedicate themselves professionally. It gives you a vestial breadth, when segmenting the audience you want to reach. This being another interesting way to bring quality traffic to your website.

Perform email marketing campaigns

Making email marketing campaigns can also help you increase your number of visits. You can hire in our digital advertising agency, we have different bases segmented by different characteristics, and to which we can send emails. Do not forget to include at least one link to your web page.

If you already have a subscriber base you can send emails to that base using tools like MailChimp, sendinblue, Emblue.

We recommend you around. It is the one that we use and it is giving good results.

Finally, measure the traffic you generate for each source by installing Google Analytics in your site, and then configure the objectives and funnels to know what step of your shopping process your customers leave your site.

Elaboration of a Newsletter

The fact of with subscribers to the newsletter is already indicating that the emails that configure this database have a prior interest in the activities of the company. Therefore, an effective emailing campaign goes through having a good subscriber base. This will be achieved with the quality of the contents, establishing a periodicity of delivery that does not overwhelm the subscribers, including impacting issues, with calls to action both on the web and on the blog, or with privileges for those interested, such as downloadable guides, ebooks or templates.

The success of a mass emailing campaign is determined by the use of sending tools that facilitate the work, facilitating the work and improving the results. These resources simplify many aspects and provide very valuable functions to improve future actions: templates, lists, statistics … we recommend the tools MailChimp, sendinblue, Emblue,

Generates campaigns sms

is another way to reach your customers and generate qualified traffic. If you have a telephone database, you can do a sms campaign in making a wake-up call offering your services. In which you put your web, landing page or post that you want them to see. There are several companies that give this service as sendinblue and most of the companies already named. Later I will make a post commenting how to do it.

Is it effective to buy web traffic?

There are companies or individuals that recurrences you can expect any kind of performance from this web traffic.

Buy web traffic to weight and little qualified, the only thing that will report are some amazing statistics during an ephemeral period. This type of methods does not provide quality web traffic. Automatic visits are generated artificially, but they will not fill out any form, or make any purchase.

If you are willing to make an investment to gain web traffic, it is better to resort to other mechanisms, such as Google Adwords where the traffic that is generated is usually very qualified.

Start today to put these tips into practice.

There is no more secret to follow all these strategies payment to generate traffic to your web page or blog . Only you would see what are free strategies . I leave this post 12 Essential strategies to generate traffic to your website Quickly.

Although now it seems somewhat complicated, as you are doing you will realize that little by little these techniques will become a custom and it will be much easier to include them. And of course, your positioning in Google will improve and you will receive many more visitors. If you have any questions about how to generate web traffic to your page, ask me questions. I will answer you personally and I will gladly help you, promised!

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