5 Tips to get a perfect move

Moving to a new house requires some organization and a lot of patience because it can be quite a stressful process. In order not to be overwhelmed during the change to the new home, we have prepared a list of tips to get the perfect move. Stay tuned!

1. Get Organized!

Organization is the key to getting a perfect move. That is why we advise you to sit down and make a list of all the things you have to do before, during and after the move. This will help you prepare and make the process more bearable. In your list it is imperative that the following appear:

● Choose the day of the move.
● Buy boxes, packing tape and bubble paper for fragile things.
Removal company : if you decide to hire one, please notify us in advance of the day you want to move.
● Consider the option of hiring a furniture storage service if necessary.

If you decide to hire a Moving company, make sure that all workers have their papers in order so that in case of work accident transporting any heavy furniture, there is no problem. In addition, we advise you to take out insurance since some belongings may be broken during the removals.

2. Clean up

Before moving, clean up and get rid of everything you are not going to use in the new house. The things you no longer want to sell, donate or give them to friends or family . In this way, you will be left alone with the right and necessary things.

This step is essential in any move because if you decide to hire a transport company, the more boxes you have, the more space the truck will need and therefore, you will pay more.

3. Pack

The time to organize all your belongings in boxes is one of the most laborious. You have to pack things with heads, organizing the boxes per room and label them to know at all times where everything is. We recommend that you take an inventory of the things that take you to the new house to verify that you have everything after the move.

Use good materials to pack and thus avoid damage and breakage in your belongings. We also recommend that embal furniture with drawers filled with things that are not too heavy to save space.

4. Change the residence of your documents

When you move, it is necessary to change the residence of certain official documents and redirect all your mail to the address of the new home. The first thing you should modify, in case you move to another city, is the certificate of registration. This is regulated by Provision 3109 and must be modified in the town hall of the new location. You must also modify the residence of other documents:

DNI: we recommend you make an online appointment to expedite the process.
Driving license: is necessary so that the DGT sends you notifications to the new address.
Social Security .
Treasury .
● Bank .

5. Prepare the new house

One way to save time and worry is preparing the new house in advance so that when you arrive it is ready to move into. You will have to manage all your energy contracts as well as those of the Internet and landline. Call previously to the companies with which you want to contract all these services and request them. In the case of electricity and natural gas services, you can find several situations when buying or renting the home:

  • Discharged supplies: if the electricity and gas are discharged, you will need to perform a Change of ownership in contracts to take responsibility for supplies. This management can be done through a telephone call although some marketers like Iberdrola allow the modification by sending the necessary documents by mail. If you want to know what documentation you have to send to the company.
  • Supplies written off: in this case you must request the registration of the services by contacting the marketer with whom you want to sign your contracts. To consult the steps to follow, the price and the procedure, consult the site Companias-de-luz.com.