5 Tips to Advertise a Discount Code Promo on Your Site

5 Tips to Advertise a Discount Code Promo on Your Site

In the world of online business, competition is raging.

We must constantly stand out to stay competitive.

And that goes of course by the famous promotions and other special offers.

But contrary to what one might think, announce a
discount code promo on his site, it does not improvise.

If we do it anyhow, we risk not getting the expected visibility.

And suddenly, we take the risk of completely miss the promotional campaign.

Here are 5 tips to advertise a
discount code promo on your website.

1- Choose your type of promo

The Internet is full of various specials.

And all do not have the same impact or the same goal.

But it’s often the same ones who come back anyway.

The star of internet promotions in recent years is the private sale.

We even saw internet sites totally dedicated to this type of promotion.

You probably know vente-privee.com, or showroomprive.com, the great specialists of the private sale.

Basically, a private sale is to offer an article with a very advantageous discount for a short period of time.

In addition to private sales, we also see classic promotions.

Here I am talking about traditional -20% and other discounts.

Be careful though: these discounts can be strictly limited to the regulatory balances periods.

Another type of discount that can be considered as a promotion: the shipping costs offered on a product.

Providing a bonus gift can also be part of the specials.

2- A promo, yes, but not on anything

When we want to announce a
discount code promo, we must do it intelligently.

No question of choosing the object at random!

You have to think carefully and think in terms of return on investment.

That is to say, we must ask what type of product we win the most to make a promo.

And again, you have several possibilities.

Some retailers specialize in promos on a product launched.

This is particularly the case of GiFi, which applies very interesting discounts on new products, but for a very short time.

In this way, the product in question enjoys increased visibility during the promotional period.

Result: people buy it, even if it is no longer promo.

This is a technique to remember because it can be applied to web marketing.

3- Announcing a promo can also be used to sell unsold products.

This technique concerns of course only e-commerce.

But it is very effective to empty the stock, and make room for new arrivals.

Announce a promo: increased visibility

For your ad to produce the expected effect, it must be visible.

You must therefore book a special treatment on your website.

Generally, we choose to reserve a special place on the homepage.

A web banner ad is particularly suitable for advertising a promo.

This kind of device is displayed prominently on the home page, it is visible at first glance.

This is the best way to let your visitors know that you are promoting promotions on your site.

The home page is particularly suitable for the announcement of flash sales.

That is to say ephemeral promos, which usually last only a few days, even a few hours.

For slightly longer promos, you can create a dedicated page that lists all the current promotions on your site.

In this case, always make sure that the page in question has good visibility.

For example, you can use a prominent button, with color codes corresponding to an exclusivity, such as red and orange.

4- The importance of a good grip

To advertise a promo, you have to make people want to discover it.

And for that, you have to bet on a catchy catch phrase.

And there, everything is a question of subtlety.

You have to come up with just enough to make people curious, but not too much to keep them interested.

The ideal to announce a promo is a hook that contains a number.

For it has been scientifically demonstrated that the human brain gives more importance to information containing a number.

A good grip must also contain a temporal element.

This makes it possible to announce a period of validity of the promotion, in order to urge the user to act accordingly.

Finally, no good grip without a good call to action.

This is the decisive step, the one that will allow the customer to finalize his way to the promo.

5- Marketing stress, you said marketing stress?

You necessarily know this sales technique.

And for good reason: she is absolutely everywhere!

It is very likely that you have already used it yourself on your own website.

The marketing stress is an indisputable pillar coupon online.

It consists in using elements of stress at the customer, in order to push him to act.

And this type of marketing can take many forms.

One can for example play on the exclusivity of a product, as an offer reserved for the first fifty customers.

We can also play on limited time, as for flash sales, by announcing a
discount code promo for a limited time.

The number of sales, or the display of the stock in real time, are also frequently used marketing stressors.

In this way, the customer feels cornered, and prefers to buy quickly to avoid out of stock.

All these little tricks can create artificial value to the offer.

And so, sell it better.

As such, marketing stress is a great way to advertise a promo successfully.

In fact, advertising a promo is essentially a matter of common sense.

By thinking a minimum, you should be able to find what is most likely to work.

For example, pre-holiday periods at the end of the year are perfect moments for specials.

Feel free to announce promotions regularly throughout the year.

It will allow you to see when people are most receptive.

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