5 Tips on Marketing Strategies to Apply on Facebook

5 Tips on Marketing Strategies to Apply on Facebook

Are you looking to attract followers to your Facebook page? If you do not adopt some marketing strategies on Facebook, your goal may not come true.

I propose that you put into practice the following strategies, in order to get loyalty to your Facebook fans, as well as increase the probability of attracting new ones.

1. Humanize your page.

The most successful companies on Facebook are those that come out from behind their logo and communicate with their fans as if they were talking to their friends. Success is in sharing information about your experiences and daily life. For example, if you have made a trip lately, publish some photos of that trip. In short, it’s about letting your fans see a different side of you, your human side. If we analyze the Facebook pages of many leaders or companies, we will observe that they do it regularly.

2. Provide content.

You must try that the content that contributes educates, entertains and / or contributes something productive to your fans; this will keep them busy and they will try to come back for more to your page. The key to a successful content strategy is to create frequent quality content. Thus, we managed to diversify our audience and the probability of increasing the number of fans. Ideally, create a publication calendar where you inform your fans of when, who and what is going to be published.

3. Encourage communication, do not be a machine to inform.

Basically it is that before making an update you should wait a couple of responses from fans, so they can participate in a hypothetical conversation. The real success in Facebook happens when you reflect real life situations, and you do not launch a post and you terminate the interaction until a new post.

People love to talk about ourselves, therefore, ask for feedback, suggestions and solutions to the challenges you pose to your fans. In addition, these interactions will favor your learning.

4. The goal should be to create community.

One of the most important questions to answer when creating your Facebook marketing plan is: “What do we want to achieve with our Facebook page?” It is evident that the answer must be aligned with the general strategies of the company and respecting the identity of the same, with the purpose of having a coherence between identity and personal, corporate or corporate image.

The main mission of your Facebook page should be to create a community of like-minded people who openly share their working stories and give support and advice. If you do so, over time your page is very likely to become the cornerstone for other niches.

5. Monitor, correct and launch.

In addition to making an active listening, you must also review the reality to know if all your activities are having the expected results or, on the contrary, you have to make changes demanded by the fans themselves.

If you are getting started in social media analysis or are looking for some new ideas to add to your tracking arsenal, consider these suggestions on which to base such tracking:

  • The names of key people in your company.
  • Name of your company and associated brands.
  • Product and service names.
  • Names of competitors.
  • Brand notoriety
  • New likes
  • Financial profit.
  • The conversion rates.

The key here is to decide from the beginning what you want to monitor, measure and follow up. Remember that the important thing is to start…