5 Content Marketing Tips To Increase Sales

There are no short cuts. If you want to reach a good port, you need content that makes the entire journey between your product and customers.

Look at the photographers’ example. A simple image provokes emotions instantly and is capable of transporting the one who contemplates it to another place and another time, be it the next room five minutes ago or the era of the caravels. That is the way. The clueless navigator comes to your website, feels immediately seduced by the story you are telling and anchors. Then click on your products or services and your descriptions hit the target the first time.

Impossible? It does not have to

I propose five simple tips for your content to achieve conversions. The network is full of good suggestions that you, and hundreds of other e-shop owners, are already putting into practice. Here are a few that can turn your site into a small lighthouse in the middle of the overpopulated ocean of the Internet.

1.Follow the writer’s tactics to create your own “brand”

Those who start writing content are always advised to learn to connect what they say and what they care about. Everything you incorporate into your website must be consistent with the same ” brand story “. You do not even have to invent anything: the very fact of opening a store and offering solutions to customer problems is an inexhaustible source of stories.

Worry about the quality of the text. There is no benevolent reader who cares only about the “bottom”. Nobody is going to do the work for you. If the visitors of your site have to avoid incomprehensible phrases and repeated words, they will soon be showing you the stern

2.Create your “brand statements”

Do you know that sometimes you do not have to be the first in a search for the Internet user to click on your page ? Consumers choose the brand that is familiar to them or inspires confidence and so that yours is one of them you need to infuse personality.

Surely you have ever given advice to your customers that you feel especially proud of, that summarizes the philosophy of your store and makes you unique. That is what you are looking for. Condense it in one or two phrases that sound natural and do not get tired of repeating them.

The personality of your store should be visible as soon as the customer enters the website. If you do not have your own developers, platforms like Shopify are the perfect resource for the design and content to convey the same message.

3.Help your customers value the solutions you offer

Follow three simple steps.

First, expose the problems of the clients. There is no rush to sell the advantages of your product. The client still does not think about that. Analyze your needs and start by explaining why you are spending too much money on solving them or what is preventing you from developing your full potential.

Second, it offers figures. Maybe the customer is buying the wrong product or is unaware of the existence of a certain service. Calculate the cost of the error and you will be giving good reasons in euros and cents.

Third, it shows that you have the best solution. If you have understood the problem well and have calculated the cost of the solutions, selling yours should be a piece of cake.

4.Be as concrete as you can

Since we have the sailor day, let’s talk about fishing. There is no use launching a very dense network in which you will find everything. Address your target audience by being as concrete as possible.

This way the content will be more interesting and will also score more in the search engines. On the one hand, because the keywords will have less competition. On the other, because visitors will stay longer.

A broader issue does not equate to a broader audience. Instead of writing about “How to increase sales,” write, for example, about “Content marketing to increase sales.”

5.Look after the titles

If you also keep the concretion in the titles, and not only in the text, you will have conquered 36% of the readers before starting.

How about converting “Content Marketing to increase sales” into “5 content marketing tips to increase sales”?

Support a cause

Especially if your audience is the famous “millennials” or millennial generation.

Give your support to a good cause and they will give it to you.


No need to ride turbulent waters or put on the pirate captain black hat to improve SEO. Content marketing has it all: it attracts your target audience, it retains it for longer on your website and can even get you to subscribe to your newsletter or follow you on social networks.

And most importantly, good content is capable of converting boaters and even stowaways into paying customers that increase your sales figures significantly.

Ryan Stewart is a digital marketing consultant with more than 8 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies and public agencies. He has several Google and Adobe certifications and a Master of Business Administration. He currently runs Webris , a digital marketing and SEO agency based in Miami, FL. Ryan offers on his personal page practical courses to get white hat links.


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