10 Tips To Straighten Your Hair Without Damaging

10 Tips To Straighten Your Hair Without Damaging

I remember the first time I was presented with a straightening iron. I was in fifth grade and I watched in amazement at my friend who had turned her hair full of curls in the form of curls in straight and flat strands.

It was a moment that launched my relationship mostly of love but sometimes of hate with flat irons. And I couldn’t wait to try new ways to iron my hair.

After many years of trying almost everything possible that promised to soften my strands, I have learned some important tips and tricks to achieve the look I want:  straight hair without heat damage , also known as, achieve an elegant style without frizz that does not It does in the process compromise a healthy hair head.

Even if you have the best Hair Straightener, there are things you should know before achieving the perfect look.

How to straighten your hair without damaging it

If you are like me, and part of your daily beauty routine is to soften curls or natural waves, there are many ways to achieve the look you want and eliminate unwanted damage to your locks.

It can be as simple as hooking a thermal protection product to protect your hair from heat damage, or you may need an adjustable heat iron to avoid using the wrong temperature on your iron that causes the strands to dry or break.

So, get rid of those who hate you and tell you that you can’t eat your cake and eat it too, because these flat hair repairs without damage change the game completely.

1. Prepare your Tufts with a Softening Shampoo and Conditioner

This heat-repair shampoo and conditioner contains natural keratin, a high-gloss softening agent, as well as marine botanical ingredients to prepare and protect your hair for a future hot hairstyle.

The conditioning agents replenish the moisture that your hair has lost during countless battles with the iron, and the set can also restore the vibration and elasticity of color treated hair.

2. Use a Powerful Thermal Protector before Applying Heat

This protective repair sprayer does its magic in three steps: it protects your hair from the harmful effects of exposure to high temperatures, softens and adds shine as the iron passes through and repairs existing dryness and breakage.

With this simple preparation step, your hair will not have an uncontrollable texture like straw after your next ironing session.

3. Section Your Hair While You Smooth Using Hair Clips to Tame

By sectioning your hair while smoothing with these high strength hair clips, you will reduce the preparation time in the morning by half. These clips will hold even the thickest hair as they fit the mane.

Start with the bottom layer, divide the hair in half back and pull each side forward. When you hurry and try to straighten random pieces of hair, the heat does not completely apply to the hair, which leaves you frustrated and probably resigned to a messy bun once again.

4. Use an Iron with Ceramic Plates

Having an iron with tourmaline ceramic plates is vital to keep your hair healthy when it is constantly exposed to heat. The ceramic plates of this straightening iron protect the hair with negatively charged ions, and tourmaline is a precious stone that also serves to keep your strands soft.

This iron protects even hair treated with color and includes an adjustable temperature LCD screen, so you can keep track of the amount of heat you want.

5. Avoid Re-Straightening with a Quick Recovery Tool

Between the blows, your iron loses heat and may take time to return to its initial configuration. It is important to choose the ceramic coated straightener with a quick recovery time to maintain consistent style and to reduce the damage caused by passing the strands repeatedly to achieve the look you want.

This iron also has an instant heating function that is perfect for busy mornings or last minute date preparation. One user claims that he is really “the best iron straightener” and cuts almost 20 minutes of his routine.

6. For Travel, Choose the Tool with Temp-Control

If you are in the habit of always adjusting the iron to the highest possible temperature, lower the temperature with an easily adjustable flat iron. Hair with an average texture should be ironed between 300 and 380 degrees, and thick or thick hair should be at a temperature in the range of 350 to 400 degrees.

If you hear sizzle, smell like burning threads, or see wrinkles created by heat, it is set too high. (Bonus: this iron comes with double voltage, so it is perfect to pack for your next trip abroad)

7. Treat Hair with Coconut Oil Once a Month

If you apply heat to your hair daily, show a little more love to your strands by applying this deeply restorative hair mask once a month. (One user even said that applying this mask once improved the condition of his hair ten times).

Coconut oil from the mask is the perfect solution for dry or damaged hair, thanks to its jojoba seed oil, beeswax and cocoa bean butter. Just pass it through your hair after showering and let it act for seven minutes before rinsing it so that your revitalized hair is air dried.

8. Use a Bamboo Towel to Dry Hair

Give your hair (and arms) a break at least once a week, and reduce your hair’s exposure to heat by letting it air dry with a towel made with the sustainable bamboo plant.

This absorbent towel is the perfect alternative to plush towels that cause breakage and damage by rubbing against your mane. (Bonus: For extra grip on thick hair, the towel includes an elastic bow).

9. When you are drying, use a Soft Hair Dryer to Prepare the Hair

By directing the heat down while drying with a precision nozzle accessory, you are preparing your hair for the iron by giving the direction of the strands. That means you have less work to do later (and less frizz to try, too).

This fast-running hair dryer has three temperature settings and two speeds: use a lower temperature and a higher speed for a healthier end result.

10. Finish with Products Suitable for Sealing Damages

The light formula of this fat-free serum penetrates your hair to make it soft and silky and without frizz. It can be used throughout the day to maintain shine, and users said the serum adds body without leaving loose hair, in addition to softening the annoying baby hairs in the hairline.

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